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  1. Hej, czysta rewelacja – uratowaÅ‚eÅ› mi poniedziaÅ‚kowy morning. W weekend nic nie czytaÅ‚em bo mi padÅ‚ laptop, w pracy zepsuÅ‚ siÄ™ ekspres do kawy a mój synek nie spaÅ‚ od 2 do 4:30… Ale po lekturze sztuki – dzieÅ„ jest jaÅ›niejszy (a może ciemniejszy).

    1. Wow!! Du er jo helt vild… MÃ¥ da ogsÃ¥ snart tage billeder af alle mine knapper;o) De er virkelig fine!Jeg er ved at skrive en mail til dig, men sÃ¥ kom et barn og fo.esyrredtr.. SÃ¥ kom jeg ikke videre:o) Det var en meget brugbar mail;o)

    2. If anyone is still around… We’re still toying with that house with the junk garage (falling down, dangerous). Any ideas how much it would take to take it down, haul it out, and build a new one. Anecdotally, a friend told us it could be $20k for the demolition and removal alone. Any advice (other than don’t buy)?

  2. I don’t know if I’m fictional. However I googled my nick a few years ago. Turned out both the words robin and shadowes are in A Midsummernight’s Dream. Since I concocted my pseudonym already as early as back in 1994, I didn’t have a clue they actually spelled the word shadows like that back in the day of the great bard himself. I did only put in the e to make it more look like a name. I played between Shadowes and Shadowse. Today I’m glad I chose the right variation.

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